Thursday, August 8, 2013

"I promise..."

"I promise it won't be 5 months until the next update this time..."  Famous last words, right?  Oh well. 

I'm going to try to get this blog back up and going.  It's main purpose is still for me to record what I think about things I read, but I think if I do that you're still going to get gaps--massive ones.  Some books I've read recently, like "Tender Is the Night" by F. Scott Fitzgerald would probably get a tiny post like this: "Beautifully written, wish I'd never read it."  Other's like Marilyn Robinson's "Home" I'd probably make a bazillion posts about it.  So I probably need to add some diversity, cause I do think about things other than just books.

My husband has inspired me with his blog (seen here).  He's broken it up into daily categories of things he posts.  I probably will not get around to posting every day, however, I will try to do this more frequent. 

A potential schedule could be this (since most months have 4-5 weeks in them):

Week 1:  Something I'm reading
Week 2:  Something about Nature
Week 3:  Something about Food
Week 4:  Something I want to do/have done
Week 5:  Something Random

It's a place to start.

Also, I promise it will be longer than 5 minutes until the next update.


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